Practical English With Political Passages

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  • نام کتاب Practical English With Political Passages
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    1. 978-622-212-135-8
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This book is a subset of English for Specific Purpose (ESP) which usually refers to teaching the English language to university students with reference to the particular vocabulary and skills they need. This book is specifically authored for Iranian university students in politics, international relations and regional studies – for both undergraduates and graduates.

Under ESP, one skill is usually focused on and it is recommended for the students in the political science to primarily concentrate on the reading comprehension skill. In addition, the writing skill is required to paid attention, as one great practice for both learning words by heart and improving reading comprehension is to start writing simple sentences and paragraphs.

In that context, this book is designed to assist students in the political science to improve their reading comprehension and writing skills. It is a compilation of texts from the highly-cited scholarly sources and well-known political scientists. Besides the enriched texts covering major subject matters in politics, international relations and regional studies, each chapter enjoys creative practices which half of them are based on the main text in the chapter and the rest is thematically relevant to the idea of the very text.

With taking the reading and writing skills into account, the first three sections of the book extensively deal with the reading comprehension skill and the last section is an introductory attempt to improve the writing skill. Nevertheless, the practices are creative and diverse enough to immerse students in this book and help them following the book’s module.

The book is supplemented with 18 practical tips on reading and writing skills. They deserve attention during working on the book as well as for extra reading/writing practices. All in all, the book is definitely would not lead one to success. This is an initial step. What helps one to be successful is just read and read and read!

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