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دانلود فهرست مطالب

 Actually the second step is starting to study texts. When you know the meaning of any word in a text, you will automatically comprehend the meaning of the text

It is time to mention another common mistake in learning languages. It is been mentioned in many English books that you do not need to know the meaning of every word in a text, and when you encounter an unknown word, you need to try to guess its meaning in accordance with the context 

This is merely an attempt to justify their flaccidity and lack of knowledge in vocabulary because a foreign word has several parts of speech and  as such, may have several meanings in our mother tongue, so what can immunize a reader from making mistakes in coping with an unknown word and trying to speculate its meaning ? Nothing but a vast mastery in vocabulary. So try and try to boost your vocabulary and never believe such personal ideas

After getting mastered in vocabulary and therefore easily reading and comprehending texts, it will be time to study grammar. When you start studying grammar after gaining mastery in vocabulary and reading texts, you will wonder to discover that you have already learned grammar without even trying to do so. This is a great saving in your time